We have been getting a a lot of questions about condensation. How to prevent it, how to take care of it, and when it becomes a concern.

Q. There is water on the glass that I have to wipe off. What is this caused from and how do I prevent it?

A. This is condensation – which is caused by excess interior relative humidity in the home. The moisture content in your home needs to be lowered

Q. How concerned should I be about the condensation on my windows?

A. An occasional show of condensation on your windows is normal and acceptable (boiling water on a stove, steam from a shower….). If the moisture becomes a daily occurrence – then you may want to lower the humidity in your home.  Condensation is symptom of excess moisture in your home.  Check http://www.bbb.org/youngstown/industry-tips/read/tip/condensation-on-windows-39

Q. There appears to be water in between the panes of glass – I am not able to wipe if off. What causes this?

A. This is called “seal failure”. The “insulated glass unit” (IGU) will need to be replaced. Please check your warranty paperwork to see exactly what you need to do to ensure it is properly submitted to the manufacturer. If the window is past being covered by the warranty – please call our office and we can schedule a free inspection and estimate to replace the glass.